How I work

Amazing things come from collaboration

I align with your needs

My process is to adapt to your process. Every project is different and that means my approach must be as well.

I integrate with your team

I shepherd my efforts and establish project plans around your objectives. I integrate with your team and provide open access to my work.

I work globally

Don’t worry about the distance and the time zone. I am used to working remotely, with companies based for the most part extremely far from my office.


Who I am

Always ready to start new challenges and to embrace the unknown

I am born in France, near Annecy. From an early age I developed a passion for art, culture and technology. When I was 18, I began a Bachelor’s degree in Landscape Architecture in Geneva, where I could learn graphic design, followed by a Master’s degree in Tourism at La Sorbonne University in Paris. After graduating, I left for New Zealand, with the aim of gaining experience in the adventure tourism sector. After having such a great time there and having met exceptional people, I decided to come back to Europe, opening my own office of design and marketing in Madrid.